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There is a huge demand for RF technology in the electronics industry. This impact is due to reasons such as low cost, the ability to provide more flexibility, and ease of implementation. The Wireless and RF technology market essentially analyzes different types of technologies that cover GaN RF device, Millimeter wave, Z Wave, and so on. The wireless technology market can be broken down into wireless sensor, wireless audio, wireless chipset, and so on. This market is expected to grow at a high scale and may command market revenue worth $25 billion by 2018.

Raw materials such as ceramics, GaAs or InP substrates, and many such similar materials help build the supply end of the wireless market. These raw materials are used to manufacture antennas, RF Filters, DC Blocks, Delay Lines, Synthesizers, Modulators & Demodulators, Oscilloscope, RF adapters, amplifiers, along with frequency converters and multipliers, which are some of the components used in this market. With an increase in the usage of 3G/4G handsets in future, components such as power amplifiers are expected to generate high revenue among all wireless and RF components, further supported by a ramp in LTE. Another component used in this market, called duplexer, is also expected to demonstrate growth due to the downward trend of 2G handsets in the current market.

This technology also requires Boards/ Subsystem providers such as IEEE 802.11 standards, IEEE 802.15.4 standards, etc., along with 2G/3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Max, ZigBee, which allow wireless communication within a band of frequency range.

Major developments carried out in the following market:

  • General Motors has reportedly been investing in Powermat Technologies. This integration will enable the owners to boost the battery of their NFC-enabled phones by simply placing it on a Powermat-enhanced surface.
  • Xilinx (U.S) acquired the assets of Modesat Communications, which now paves the way to provide total solutions optimized for wireless mobile backhaul applications.

These technological innovations have often been fueled by governments that have in turn driven industrial growth and helped raise the living standards. Various macro-economic indicators such as research and development expenditure, intellectual property right charges, high-technology exports, royalty and license fees, along with patents and trademarks affect this market.

Major players such as Broadcom Corporation (U.S.) holds a dominant share of 42%, followed by Qualcomm (U.S.) in the wireless chipset market. Similarly, Intel Corp. holds a market share of 25% in the wireless display market. The WiMAX market is dominated by Sequans Communications SA with a share of approximately 30%.


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